What people are saying....

  • Tammy is an invaluable resource who empowers women and builds strong leaders. As a leader she has always encouraged me to ‘speak up’ and find my own authentic voice. The authenticity of Tammy’s personality and work ethic made her mentorship so beneficial in my career. I have been promoted due to my stronger leadership skills and work with higher performing teams. Tammy’s energy is contiguous and will fuel you with the desire to succeed! I’m happy to have her in my corner.

    Berlinda Monestime
    Wealth Management Digital Platforms
    Morgan Stanley
  • Tammy and I worked together for 2 years back in 2014. As a coach and mentor, she gave me wings and the ability to approach any situation without hesitation, only with confidence. Her high energy style helped me lead my team through a major transformation and we were able to achieve our goals quickly. I would highly recommend her as an executive coach.

    Jack Marabyan
    Vice President
    City National Bank
  • Tammy and I worked together for about 6 months in 2015 (Not long enough).  During that time she acted as both a mentor and a coach. She had a flair for being one step ahead of everyone else in the room. It was fun to watch, and it was a great learning experience. She taught me to own my power and lead authentically.  It was encouraging to see a woman succeed in a leadership role in a male dominated, "C Suite" environment. 
    After she left the organization she continued to be an inspiration and we talked frequently. I followed her career's amazingly fast, upward trajectory. She has an impact anywhere she lands. I highly recommend Tammy and her ability to create positive change from a personal perspective or in a group setting.
    Ellen Stieve
    Business Development
    Mitchell Martin
  • Tammy is an incredible resource. She is uniquely capable of surveying a difficult situation and creating a plan of action for success. During my roles as a senior executive, Tammy supported my transition from profit to non-profit explorations and back to corporate and then as CEO and COO of two vastly different manufacturing companies. She helped me to see the toolkit I had at my disposal and also the gaps so that I could be best prepared to take on challenges. As a Turnaround expert I was managing through huge transitions.
    Tammy provided me with support so that I could best manage my teams through impossible challenges. Tammy has a clear head, amazing intuition, and a solid vision. She is incredible and is a game changer for anyone managing teams through change. She also created a leadership development program that supported me in mentoring my teams through an operational excellence shift. I can't thank Tammy enough and I look forward to the next time we can partner together!
    Elka Oliver
    Chief Operating Officer
  • As a young woman in corporate America, I constantly found myself feeling as though I didn’t actually deserve a seat at the table. I spent years using an unassuming, almost apologetic tone when asking questions, even when they were thought-provoking points no one else was bringing to the table, because I was afraid to say the wrong thing or even worse to look incompetent. I believed that I was only as good as the leader or mentor that I attached myself to instead of relying on my own talent and capabilities to excel. 
    Tammy helped me reframe my thinking in order to see the value I bring to the table – ANY table. I can confidently walk into any job or situation and quickly add value but also have the courage to proactively address when a job or situation just isn’t right for me. Coral Consulting Group enabled me to see that no matter what obstacles I face, I am the solution.
    Marlo Poole
    Vice President
    Wells Fargo
  • Ms. Alvarez and I have collaborated for the past 15 years. Her involvement during periods of corporate strategic transformation was instrumental to the overall success of each initiative. With Tammy’s coaching, I was able to improve my ability to establish a clear and inspiring vision, build stronger relationships with my colleagues, lead my team more effectively, and successfully implement highly complex and politically challenging business initiatives. 
    Tammy has the ability to ask the provocative questions that not only encourage outside-the-box thinking, but to take action. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious. Her no-nonsense approach to solving business issues was instrumental in getting great results quickly. I would highly recommend her as a strong partner and executive coach for those who are looking to continue their success by building stronger transformational leadership skills.
    Executive Director
    Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • As a Business Process Improvement Consultant, I had the honor and privilege to work with Tammy for three years. She has an uncanny way of understanding what needs to be done and make it happen. I highly recommend Tammy as a transformational or individual coach or partner for someone who is looking to move up the corporate ladder.

    Debbie Schmidt
    Consulting Practice Manger
  • Tammy is AMAZING! She was an excellent mentor and coach from our very first conversation. She sensed right away that something was wrong and gave me advice on how to proceed. Her intuition, insight, and experience was invaluable to me and really helped me find my voice and grow professionally. She is a great coach, cheerleader, and overall leader, and I am truly blessed to have met her and received her guidance

    Angela Tran
    Data Analytics Senior Manager
    BNY Mellon