Meet the Founder

Tammy Alvarez

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I’m very glad you are here!  
Hiring an executive coach is such a personal choice, the bond and compatibility must be strong. While this won’t replace a preliminary conversation; this should give you a sense of who I am and what I’m all about so you can better judge our potential fit.  
If I had to summarize who I am in one word it would be PASSION. I’m super high energy, ruthlessly pragmatic and have a fairly casual working style.  I’m a bit snarky, find humor in almost everything and have a natural ability to keep things in perspective.  Decades ago, a team I was leading gave me the nickname … “The Velvet Hammer”.  I found it hilarious and fitting.  It’s managed to stick throughout my career.  
I built this company because there is a massive need in the market.  Companies are not good at change, many executives lack the leadership expertise to transform, employees and clients are stuck in the middle and all this gives you a big giant mess! 
I’ve found my passion in leading through change, transformation and inspiring teams to be amazing. I’ve spent my career fixing companies, growing their people and helping them transform.  I’m very comfortable being uncomfortable, am fearless (not reckless), and strive for the impossible instead of the attainable.  Even if you fail – you’re further along than you would be had you aimed lower. 
I’m all about go big or go home.  I’m best at coaching excellent people who want to up their game. I can dramatically help you improve your rock star status.
It would be good for you to know that I really do know what I’m talking about. I grew up in the technology and financial services industries. Two dysfunctional and male dominated industries that were incredibly fertile playgrounds for me to hone my transformational leadership skills and learn how to be a successful female executive who leads on her own terms.  
I started out in the information technology consulting industry when it was nearly brand new (at the risk of dating myself) and worked with countless global financial services companies solving their business problems through technology, process and people transformation. I quickly became a process and people transformation junkie and before I knew it, found myself leaving the consulting industry and putting all those valuable skills to work from inside the financial services firms. 
Over the past 20+ years, I have held several Managing Director and C-Suite positions, delivered countless global initiatives that were high profile, highly complex and destined for failure (most of them actually succeeded). I am asked to speak at various transformational executive forums and even have a few patents which I think is pretty cool.  I’ve been a mentor and advocate for developing women in leadership for decades.  If you’re really curious to dig into the details – feel free to check out my personal LinkedIn profile at  
I hope we have an opportunity to work together. I’m all about focusing on your success; pushing you further than you think you can go and helping you reach that elusive goal.  It’s all within reach. Let’s make it happen!