About us

Coral Consulting Group was founded to serve an unmet need in the Executive Coaching Industry. Our purpose is to create leaders who can drive large scale change and transformation successfully.  After spending decades watching countless failed transformation initiatives and seeing millions of man hours and dollars wasted each year, there simply had to be a better way. Turns out there wasn’t… so we created one. 

Here’s why we’re not only different – but better

We’re focused

We don’t try to be all things to all people. We believe in doing a few things exceptionally well.  Companies who have to continually innovate and transform need executives who can lead through that change. Most awesome operational leaders don’t have the unique skills needed to drive transformation. We do – and we show our clients how they can have them too. 

We’re passionate

We love this stuff.  We are a high energy team that thrives with the challenge of developing sustainable leadership skills; and all the ups and downs that come with it. We channel that passion into offerings for executives, women in leadership and developing our next generation leaders. 

Been there, done that

Our coaches have run businesses and large scale transformation projects.  We know what success looks like and how hard it is to achieve it.  We have the map – and can shorten your journey to get there. 

Our methodology is unique

To really get this right, you need to focus on more than just your top executives or high potential leaders. You need the entire leadership hierarchy to have the right skills. Our Ecosystem Coaching®methodology coaches the participants, their manager and their direct report leadership team. When everyone learns and grows together, it increases the likelihood of sustained results.

We have fun

So much of this can be dreadfully boring and academic.  Turns out you can laugh and learn at the same time. We make sure to keep everything lively, upbeat and fun while still keeping an eye on the prize. 

Our DNA is all about business results

We love people. It would be kind of silly to be in the coaching business if you didn’t.  We want everyone we work with to be even more amazing than they already are. But we also believe there needs to be more to it.  Improve the leader and you’ll improve the business. We believe better leadership skills will achieve better business performance. Your metrics and KPI’s are how we measure our success. 

Our guarantee is unheard of in the coaching industry 

Executive coaching is an investment of your time, resources and capital. It can also be a bit squishy and esoteric.  If you don’t get the results you expect from our executive coaching services, you set the amount your willing to pay based on the value you received from the program – all the way down to zero.